Sea Glory Swim

If our children would love the ocean,

then perhaps it might be saved.

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Showcasing beautiful and vibrant artwork with the Black-Tip Reef Shark and Blue Linckia Sea Star in their natural marine habitat. Warm, shallow, sandy, tropical seas of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. This is one of our most beautiful collections!

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The most incredible collaboration collection with renowned shark conservationist, underwater film-maker, and talented ocean artist, Valerie Taylor, Queen of the Ocean, featuring stunning illustrations from her children's book, Melody the Mermaid. Available Now.

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Rockpools ss2021

Our first collection is all about the rock platform, the perfect outdoor marine science classroom for children. Our two prints, Limpet and Algae, beautifully reflect two different perspectives of this complex marine ecosystem, and will naturally inspire your children to learn more about it.

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