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Care Instructions

Sea Glory Swimmers are a special addition to your summer wardrobe. Let’s make sure you look after them properly to extend their life. Here are our care instructions for your swimmers:

  • After each swim, wash your swimmers in cold tap water, ring out, and hang on a wooden coat hanger to drip dry

  • Do not hang your swimmers to dry out in the direct sunlight as they might fade

  • When it’s time for a wash, use warm water and hand wash them gently

  • Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron

  • Avoid any harsh washing detergents

  • Do not soak in bleach

  • We do not recommend wearing the swimmers in chlorinated pools and heated spas

  • Keep your sunscreen off your swimmers!

  • Be careful where you sit (such as rough cement edges) because this will damage the material

*If the above care instructions are not followed, we cannot guarantee that your swimwear will last. Swimwear could fade quickly, stretch out, shrink, or become damaged.



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