Sustainable and Ethical

Sea Glory Swim is committed to designing and delivering beautiful and thoughtful products that are both ethical and sustainable from start to finish, with our love for the marine environment at the core. Here’s how we make that happen.


Design Process

Our swimwear is designed from start to finish by our Founder, Courtney. Courtney’s background is Marine Science and Education, but she has always been a bit of an artist on the side, so she has been able to integrate her skills to enter the textile and fashion industry, without any prior experience. Courtney hand sketches and watercolour paints all of the artwork for the prints herself, and then scans, edits and arranges the motifs using various computer programs, all self taught.
Each individual motif that you can see on our prints have actually been sketched and painted large, in either A4 or even A3 sizes, so that when they are reduced down into the small size on the prints, they reflect the utmost quality and detail. It is a long and careful process. Courtney does all of this in small pockets of time between raising and homeschooling her two beautiful girls. Much thought also goes into the design process even before anything is out onto paper. As Courtney’s primary goal is to educate children about the marine environment. Each collection is thoughtfully designed to reflect a chosen marine environment, with the different prints within each collection, showing a different perspective of that marine environment.
Our swimwear is completely sustainable. We use an amazing new fabric called Repreve, which is made from up-cycled plastic bottles. The fabric is water resistant, UPF 50+, high quality and extremely durable. Our baby bonnets use a recycled plastic to shape the brim, and our baby zip suits use recycled plastic snap buttons for those quick beachy nappy changes. Our garment care labels are also eco friendly. 

Production Process

Since the very beginnings of Sea Glory Swim, Courtney had always sought to find a pathway that would lead to a completely ethical and sustainable swimwear production process and product. After searching for the right fit, she was introduced to a beautiful and very small factory in Bali Island, that has been a match made in heaven from start to finish. Below you can see Suci and Wita, who are Courtney's primary contacts in the entire production process, which is very personal and flexible. We cannot speak more highly of Suci and Wita and the team that produce our swimwear in Bali. They are all incredibly talented.

It was very important to us that our little factory provided both suitable working conditions and fair wages and entitlements for their employees. We are so happy to say that this is exactly the case where Sea Glory Swim is produced. One thing that has stood out to us the entire journey, is just how happy the workers are, who are following their passion working in the clothing manufacturing industry in Bali. No detail is too big or small to ask with our amazing team, who go above and beyond to meet our standards, requests, and tiny details. We are so grateful for them and so excited to continue developing our relationship with them for many years to come.

Handling Process

Getting our orders out to you is part three in the process of completing our ethical and sustainable brand. We wanted to make sure that we presented you with a thoughtful and exciting unpacking experience, without compromising our values to respect and restore the environment. We are happy to say that our shipping process is entirely carbon neutral. Our products are hand packaged with thoughtful details, using compostable cassava packaging or canvas drawstring bags, for each swimwear item, paper bags, blue hemp twine string, any stickers we have used (such as hygienic stickers) are paper stickers, and your order is sent out in compostable mailers with compostable labels. Be sure to tag is in your unwrapping experience because it gives us the ultimate satisfaction!