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Getting the right fit

Before you purchase, we recommend that you check our sizing specifications below. We want you to have the best fit for your new swimmers! 

We are so happy with how our sizing and fit turned out! Basically, you have the option to go for a true fit size, or a room to grow size, and both look lovely. Only you know what sizes usually best fit your child. As mothers, we generally like some room to grow, But there is lots to consider, such as the summer season, the build of your child, and their current age, so here is what we recommend. 

Let’s say, it’s the beginning of summer, and your baby just turned 2. If they are an average sized toddler, then you should pick a size 2, which will be the perfect fit for the swimming season. Alternatively, if your child is 2.5 years old and an average size, we would recommend you jumping up to a size 3. If you would like your swimsuit to last two seasons, we definitely recommend buying the size up. It should give you a looser fit for the first summer, and a more true fit for the second summer. 

If your child is in the smaller end of the sizing scale, we recommend that you pick the size that matches their age. This might last you two seasons. We generally don’t recommend going down a size. 

In general, if you pick the size that matches your child’s age, or the size above that, your swimwear will fit. It’s up to you how long you want that swimwear to fit them. If it’s just for the summer, then pick their true size, and if you want it to fit them a bit longer, go for the size up. Or if you simply want a looser fit in general, go for the size up. Our true size fits are a fitted look, but with a little room to grow. We are especially fond of our girls two piece set, which is such a versatile style and fit because of the high waist bottom, and the crop style top. You’ll see what we mean if you purchase that one.

If you would like to make an even more informed or precise selection, please see our sizing charts below. And we welcome any emails or direct messages before your purchase, to discuss what size we would best recommend for your child. If you still don’t get the right fit, we are happy to exchange. Please see our refunds and exchange policies for more info on this. 


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