Our Story

Before I was a mother, I was basically a mermaid in a matter of speaking. From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to teaching people about the ocean. I followed that path intently from a young age. It led me to many wonderful marine experiences and eventually I went on to study Marine Science & Management for five years in my early twenties.


During that time I volunteered and worked like crazy to build a career in the field of marine education. I was involved in dolphin training, wild dolphin swim charters, designing interpretive signage for a no-take marine sanctuary in Sydney, and eventually I landed a dream job as an Environmental Education Officer. I went on to complete a Diploma of Education on top of my Marine Degree because I wanted to specialise in marine education. While I am qualified to be a school teacher, that was never my intention. I was planning to start an outdoor science school, but when I became a mother, I realised that running outdoor excursions wasn’t possible for a long time, so I had to re-direct my idea and come up with a new version.

When I was younger, I was sure that I wanted to be the girl flying on the noses of dolphins in the shows at SeaWorld. But as I studied more, worked in an aquarium, and matured, I realised that these places didn’t sit right with me. My passion started to steer more and more towards alternative marine education as I became aware of animal cruelty in the aquarium industry. I just didn’t know yet how I would educate without working at an aquarium.

I started hearing about this recycled nylon fabric that was being made from plastic waste taken from the ocean. Ethical and sustainable fashion, as well as zero waste living was on the rise. At the same time, I started to realise that I didn’t need a formal job to be educating about the ocean, because social media has become a platform for anyone to do anything and everything! One day I pieced together my puzzle, and realised that I could essentially create an online science school, run it from home, and still be a mother. I had one more thing to figure out. How could I draw people to be interested in learning about the ocean? I realised I needed an eco-friendly product that would be the vehicle for the education. I recalled the sustainable up-cycled nylon material, and that was that! I realised that I could make swimwear, educate children about the ocean, and contribute to cleaning up the ocean all at the same time! I’ve always been an artist as well, so everything fell into place and at once I finally felt completely aligned with my purpose and my person.

I hope that my passion for the ocean comes through my work and that you can start to fall in love with the ocean as you begin to understand just how incredible it is, and how much we need to look after it for future generations. I also hope you enjoy watching Sea Glory Swim evolve from startup to hopefully something much bigger.

Best Fishes,

Mermaid Courtney